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"Claire is a my first vocal coach and the best ever! Her warm-up exercises helped me reach a higher volumes and a fuller sound. She laces her instructions with visual analogies which are good for an untrained singer like myself. Above all, she helped me regain confidence in my singing and instilled a great respect for my throat as a delicate muscle." - Cynthia

"Claire has been my daughter's piano teacher for two years and she's excellent! Her knowledge and patience with kids make the lessons interesting and fun. I can see improvements week after week, not only in music-playing but also in my daughter's confidence. Claire is instilling a passion for music that I hope my daughter will keep forever." - Cristiana

In addition to her life as a performer, Claire is also a passionate teacher of voice and piano. Claire teaches privately in New York City, in her home studio or at convenient studios in Midtown Manhattan. Email for more information.

Voice Lessons

Claire teaches singers in a range of styles, from pop to classical, all with a strong classical basis and technique. From there you can do anything! Lessons focuses on breath support, vowels, and ease of vocal production.


Claire also works on ear training with her students, helping them with everything from learning to match pitch to advanced sight-singing.


Claire teaches adult students, and children as young as 12.


Half hour and hour long lessons available (Full hour recommended).

Piano Lessons

Claire teaches beginning piano to students age 8 and older. In lessons, she covers general musicianship, beginning with the fundamentals of reading music, understanding rhythm, and melody, and as students progress, harmonic analysis and musical structure.


Claire aims to keep lessons fun, and infuses lessons with a casual, enjoyable attitude, and plenty of off the wall humor. Come learn a wonderful hobby and pastime.


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